The Chord That Keeps Ringing

When good music calls, I follow the sound. When strong living brings inspiration, I write and play music. Today, I find myself in the middle of a tour that has taken me to Memphis, New Orleans, Clarksdale, Jackson and other great American cities. Voo Davis booked the tour to support his music and he brought me on board to lay down some harp, fiddle, and vocals live and in the studio.

If living is about leading a robust, satisfying life, that’s exactly what’s going on here. There are five talented dudes in the RV and everyone writes and plays their own music. We’ve had some real good shows and we’re having a blast while doing it. We’ve traveled down historic highways 49 and 61 while listening to Son House, Robert Johnson and Howlin Wolf.  We’ve recorded in places graced by musicians like Stevie Wonder and Jr. Wells. We’ve walked the streets of Memphis and tipped our caps to Sun and all of the legendary music that came out of that place. The vibe is palpable and we’re honored to contribute to the musical landscape that opens under our feet every day.

We’ve been recording Voo’s songs in a couple of outstanding Louisiana studios: Studio In The Country in Bogalusa and Dockside Studio in Maurice. His songs are sounding great and we’re all enjoying playing together.

Here’s a quick lowdown on the other fellas:

Voo Davis is a fiery guitar player who plays some mean slide to help get his point across. He has a gritty soul singer voice that accompanies his playing.

Steve Bores is a fine singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. On this tour, he’s playing bass, ukulele, and backing vocals. When he plays his own songs, the room stops to listen. He has a great sense of melody, harmony and chordal structure.

Jon Wade “The Duke” is a talented keyboard player who takes his emotions and channels them through his hands. He has great musical feel and brings an undeniable sensibility to the outfit.

Mike Gock is a southpaw drummer who is schooled in musical theory and is a straight up solid guy. When you see a great time keeper grab a guitar after a show, turn it upside down ala Hendrix and play songs for people, you know there’s more than meets the eye.

So that’s the outfit. I look forward to hearing Voo’s album when he’s finished with it. The shows have been great at every stop.

The last time I went down South, I came back to Chicago and wrote an album. I can’t say what will come out of all of this, but I can say with confidence that when one follows their gut and gives their best, good things will come to them. Whether that’s a good nights rest, the gaining of a new friend, or an unexpected opportunity, good things will come. That’s where I am. I’m optimistic, fully expressed, turned on, humbled, excited and hungry for more. I’ll be sharing my experiences, songs, and videos as they come. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading this.

Calvin Conway