’13 Rolls In Solid, One Ear At A Time

I started the new year inspired, excited and humbled. Here’s what got me going in ’13:

+ I launched my website and got some social media up and running.
+ My new EP By Rail got a real nice review from Mojolists.
+ As of this posting, I’ve made it to #2 in the Americana ReverbNation charts in Chicago, and #10 nationally.
+ I’ve reconnected with old friends, have been getting the word out about my music, telling them my story, and hearing theirs.
+ I’ve booked some shows and I’m rounding out my live set with a strong, female soul singer who sings backing vocals with me.
+ I’ve started recording new songs in my studio as I work towards finishing my next release.

Since I like to collaborate with other musicians, I’m real excited that I’ve been extended an invitation to go on the road with slide player Voo Davis. From February 22 through March 10, he’s got shows all the way down to New Orleans, making stops in Marion, IL, Memphis, TN, and Jackson, MS. We’ll play a few of my songs along the way and I plan on busking on the streets of New Orleans.

After we play the last show, I’m gonna take a train to Austin, TX and Voo will go back to Chicago. I’m meeting with my old friend Wild Billy Moore to hang, pick up shows, get work, and go to SXSW.

Thanks to all of the people that I’ve been in touch with this month. May we all have a safe, healthy, and exceptional year in 2013!

Calvin Conway